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COVID-19 litigation in the US just beginning

We are starting to see COVID-19-related litigation in the US, which is not a surprise. Most of the brewing disputes have not made it to court just yet, but many have. As Bloomberg reported earlier today, a number of virus-related merger breakdowns are now before US courts. Companies should expect more of this, along with purchase price adjustment disputes and similar cases. We are, of course, seeing force majeure disputes and the good, old-fashioned "I am not going to pay" you fights. Expect the next few months to get pretty busy in US courts.

In another important development that shows that US courts are still open for business, the New York state courts have announced that they will be working "virtually" on non-emergency cases in a bid to get back to normalcy. Click here for an article that gives the details. So, even though court decisions have slowed somewhat, do not expect US courts to be closed or slow much longer. In fact, as described here, new filings do not appear to have slowed at all.


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